Fed Ex 767? & ATR at MAN 05/09/2013

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I arrived in MAN yesterday afternoon and there was these on the remote stand any any idea of the Reg Nos?



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As far as I am aware, FedEx do not operate a direct flight to/from MAN as their UK base is at STN so I'm not sure why the 767 was there, perhaps it diverted to MAN for some reason?

I believe the ATR will belong to Air Contractors, an Irish freight airline, who are contracted to operate "feeder" flights on behalf of FedEx in order to help get packages to other locations within the UK/Europe where FedEx does not fly to directly. It is probably a long-term contract and as a part of this their aircraft is painted in the FedEx livery.

An example of this would be: http://www.airliners.net/photo/FedEx-Feeder-%28Air/ATR-ATR-72-202%28F%29/2286737/&sid=7d53cb17b84240498b20d32416034040, seen here departing from EDI.

As for registrations, the 767 is the only one FedEx currently operates, so it was N101FE; they have 49 others on order!

It is difficult to assertain which registration the ATR was without knowing whether it was a 42 or 72 version, and they have quite a few of each.

Hope this helps.

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FedEx has a 757 based at Man, operating Man/Bhx/Cdg return,. on week days. It is not a specific aircraft so could be any of the European based 757's.
The ATR is usually an Air Contractors ATR72.

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N917FD arrived at Manchester at 0533 on the 5th. Can't find the ATR yet.