OLT livery everywhere!

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Hey all!

Hope someone can clear up my curiosity...

Why are so many aircraft being kept in basic OLT colours when with new airlines? At MAN we've had an Air Malta A320 in the colours. There's also an Air Berlin A319, Air Berlin A320, Niki A320, Darwin Saab 2000 and maybe more. Here's pics of each one:





http://www.skyliner-aviation.de/viewphoto.main?LC=nav2&picid=8526 (Think it really suits the saab 2000!)

I know it must save money to just keep the tail that way, but don't think I've ever seen a bankrupt airline's livery on so many different aircraft after so long!


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Could be waiting for a major service? Does seem strange though.

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I would agree with Mr Merry, its more than likely that the lessors of the aircraft have chosen to offer very short-term leases on their aircraft after they were returned to them due to the failure of OLT in order to keep them flying as it will cost the lessor money to have them stored somewhere.

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it's not an obvious identity...not like it say the airlines name or has a definitive logo.

Just a few qite arrows on red means nothing to many

No point in taking it out of service to get a repaint which it may well be due for sometime soon.

Busy summer season.

Years ago when Air UK were repainting their Friendships from the Blue plane to flag livery they painted them as quickly as possible but then hit the summer with just one left to paint. It flew the while summer in the old livery.

Downtime is costly.