Thai Runway Excursion

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A Thai Airways plane has skidded off the runway while landing at Bangkok's main international airport, injuring 14 people.

The Airbus A330-300 was arriving from Guangzhou in China into Suvarnabhumi Airport when the incident occurred.

Thai Airways said the landing gear malfunctioned, causing the aircraft to skid. Passengers were evacuated using emergency slides.
Three guesses for which airline... nice try to cover it up though.
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Cover it up? Not with you.

(Edit) Ahh, sorry. Just looked at it quickly at work earlier and didn't notice they'd scrubbed the title and logo off. Seems a bit silly.

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Three guesses for which airline... nice try to cover it up though.

That's social media's fault - three or four years ago it wouldn't have been worth the trouble. The only ones who would see it would be passers by who happened to notice it at the airport, now with the likes of twitter - a picture can get re-tweeted around the world in minutes.
By covering up the titles it makes the difference of "Plane crash at Bangkok" from "Plane crash at Bangkok #Thaiairways", while airline geeks can still recognize a title-less airline livery, the general public cannot. I even wonder what percentage of the British public would be able to recognise a BA aircraft with the titles covered.

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Matt...three or four years ago they would have covered it up...they were doing that on this sort of incident in the 1950's even