Prototypes in Dubai?

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This week, 2 planes - CSeries and B787-9 - had maiden flights. In less than 2 months, on 13th of November, an airshow shall begin in Dubai. Shall any prototypes, at that time, have the flight envelope to show up? Both boast hot and high performance - once flight envelope has been opened. Well, Dubai is not high, at just 19 m. And in November, it is not hot either - average daily high under 31 degrees, compared to over 41 in August. How could they get there? SEA-DXB is 6452 nm, and 787-9 is a longhaul frame (over 8000 nm with payload). YMX-DXB is 5744 nm, but CSeries is not a longhaul frame, with just 2950 nm range. Even with light payload of flight test engineers and equipment, a technical stop seems necessary. Where? The launch customer of CSeries is arguable - either Gulf Air or Malmö Aviation. BMA is not too far from YMX-DXB great circle - just 14 nm extra. As of November, shall CS100 have the flight envelope to operate out of BMA (1668 m runway) and fly back the 3185 nm plus foul winds BMA-YMX, with the stated light payload? Now, the existing customers of these prototypes on Persian Gulf are Gulf Air for CSeries, Etihad and Saudia for 787-9. Shall any planes be sold at Dubai? Airbus famously sells many planes at airshows. Boeing famously does not - an airshow is 1 week out of 52. What is the policy of Bombardier? As of November, shall CSeries, B787-9 or both have a prototype to spare from flight testing to attend the Dubai airshow?
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