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Today Lufthansa has ordered $19 billion of new aircraft for Boeing 779X and Airbus A350-900XWB. breakdown of the order as follows.

25 + 15 options A350-900XWB for delivery from 2016 onwards, with an option to upgrade too A350-1000XWB if needed.

34 + 7 options Boeing 779X for delivery from 2020 onwards.

Also they have purchase rights for an additional 30 aircraft of each type.

This order is to start replacing Boeing 747-400's and Airbus A340-313X first, at a later point the A340-600's will also go.

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Interesting launch customer for a new Boeing, but maybe Lufthansa have realised they can't hang around too long to replace their current aging fleet? So by jumping the gun early on the 77X they can get the much needed early production frames?

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Lufthansa was the launch customer for the Boeing 737 and that was a whole new aeroplane not a sub variant, so not that strange.