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I am doing a dissertation on the potential of road user charging, parking charges and other measures in reducing environmental externalities and road congestion at London Heathrow Airport. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spend ten minutes of your time filling in this questionnaire. Airport Travel Survey: The questionnaire is conducted by a BSc Air Transport Management student from Loughborough University. Your response will make a valuable contribution to our research and would be much appreciated. All data collected in this survey will be held anonymously and securely. Thank you for your help. Alex Wong BSc Air Transport Management student Loughborough University [email][/email]
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Alex, I have completed your survey. What I would say though, is that for me, it rather misses the point - I don't find traffic congestion actually at the airport particularly problematic. The problem I have is actually getting their - while on a good day I can drive to Heathrow in around 75 minutes, in practice it can take twice this time or longer due to traffic on the M25. As a consequence, I often take the train / underground as although that takes longer, it is easier to predict when I will arrive. Anyway - I hope it helps, and good luck with your course - I nearly signed up for it many years ago!! Neil
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Hi Alex I've also completed the survey. Check your Key mailbox as I've PM'd you. I have a personal and professional interest in your survey. Regards John

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Environmental externalities? What the heck is that ?