A320NEO flies!!!

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Maiden flight was today: http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/picture-a320neo-makes-maiden-flight-404138/
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Ugh. The bad news just keeps piling up for Bombardier. The supposed CSeries entry into service time advantage is eroding by the minute. Although I suppose there will still be slot advantages given the NEO back orders.

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IMHO, the A320 and A330 are Airbus's best products (perhaps the A350 will eclipse them, its off to a good start so far). This "refresh" for the A320 will make it best in class IMO if PW does well with reliability on the GTF. Their record on reliability the last 30 years isn't so good, the 2037 was horrible, and the 4000 lagged the CF6-80 badly. The burn numbers will be good, its a matter of reliability.