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A mini-celebration of my 2,500th utterance of drivel!

This is not very inspiring, but it's one of the few photos I have taken myself - a grey afteroon from the observation deck at AMS.

I think the Northwest DC-10 in front is a -40 with PW engines?

PS - I blame my scanner !!

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congrats, and nice pic

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Congrats matey. Nice pic. :)

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Congrats on your milestone Mongu. From here, it does appear to be a -20, errrr, -40. I was just at the observation deck at AMS the other day. I was in awe at how much area it stretched out to. I met Peter Tenthije there and he took me on quite a spotting tour all around AMS. Many thanks to him again for that. I'll be posting pics as soon as they get developed.