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Posts: 2,128 FEATURING: La Paz – Holding the High Ground Sebastian Schmitz visits the world’s highest international airport – El Alto in La Paz, Bolivia. Resurgent Lille Lille Airport is bouncing back after a period of decline as it fights for its place in the highly competitive Franco- Belgian border region of Northeast France. Yinka Jan Sojinu investigates. Belfast International The primary airport serving much of Northern Ireland is Belfast International. Paul B Anderson discovers it is striving to increase its range of destinations. Saipan – Asia’s Corfu Marco Finelli travels to the Western Pacific and visits a paradise with a very violent past – Saipan, one of the Mariana Islands. And much more! Airports of the World March/April issue is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.70 from Key's Online Shop. Alternatively, pick up your copy now from WHSmith and other leading newsagents or download a digital version here.
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