Airport could be expanded - Newquay

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Cornwall's main airport could be partly privatised and expanded if it can take over land owned by the RAF.
Newquay Airport is awaiting the outcome of the government's Strategic Defence Review due to be published next month.

The civilian airport shares the site at RAF St Mawgan with the Ministry of Defence.

But the review could provide the airport with the opportunity to expand and attract more passengers.

Airport development director Graham Greaves said the number of passengers flying from Newquay was expected to approach one million a year by the end of the decade.

He said a new terminal could be built on the other side of the airfield.
"There are no sites on the northern side of the runway that can be used for expansion.

"We can see sites for development on the southern side of the runway, all of which are currently owned by the Ministry of Defence."

Airport director John Collins said attempts had to be made to attract new airlines.

"We need to raise the profile of the airport to attract airlines and the charter plane industry.

"We have got a jolly good little airport at Newquay and the facilities are pretty good.

"We need to go to airlines and show them the attractions of using it, that the demand is here and that they can make some money by utilising it."

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i really could see this place taking off like Jersey for example. Jersey must b packed with RJSs at a weekend?

I know Leeds must have 5 or 6 E145 rotations, a FK50 and DHC8 Rotation on Saturdays, about 400 seats in and out. Newquay must be able to support a 1x weekly E145 operation or alike from the north of england larger fields, Leeds, Newcastle, East Mids, Liverpool, with bigger ops from MAN?

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If this goes ahead it will be great news. Cornwall really needs a decent air service especially now BA have pulled out. A major regional airport would surely attract airlines such as BA and the locos to Newquay.

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Well it would not of been the airport I would of thought growth would occur a few years ago, but ever since Ryanair arrived it has been extremely busy. I think because of Cornwall's new tourist look it will see some huge growth in the future.

By the way EGNM, look at on a saturday and you will see how busy JER is on a Saturday! IOS Skybus will also operate into the C.I. this winter from Newquay.