Guide to spotting in Florianopolis

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If one day come to Brazil, I share with you, this special and unprecedented report elaborate on some of the best spotting points to register or observe aircraft in Florianopolis. During the month of January we go through all of them and collect as much information, plus tips and suggestions, with the aim of helping those who enjoy or are interested in joining this fascinating hobby.

Importantly, this work was the result of much research and required hours of work for the write of the text, creation of images, selection of photos. But our reward is the possibility to leave as a legacy this guide the HercĂ­lio Luz International Airport had not. The certainty who will give's you, reading matter and managed to make something useful of it. The text is in Portuguese, but there is on the website a translation tool. I hope you enjoy!

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Not sure how useful this is.

Can I have some guidance from Commercial Forum members please?