Iran Air - Middle East 4?

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After lifting sanctions on Iran, Iranians have ordered 100+ Airbus planes with more to come.

Given the geography, money and educated work force Iran is much better placed to challenge the existing Middle East 3 airlines. Iran has a bigger population than all 6 member of GCC (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Oman) put together and tourists want to go to Iran rather than just transit.

Given these factors can Iran Air pull it off in the next 10 years? The only disadvantage is that they are a dry airline.

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This will obviously mean the death of the classics such as the 747SP and any 707's if they are still flying in Iran ????
Being a dry airline is not a problem if I could save a hundred pound or two on long haul flights. The money is they will compete against the larger Middle East airlines once their fleet is built up. Competition can't be a bad thing for the average fare paying customer.