8,998 Laser incidents reported to UK CAA between 2009 and 2015

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8,998 Laser incidents reported to UK CAA between 2009 and 2015


Yes it may be things we have all become complacent about but -

Cost of a flight diverting or turning back.
Anxiety to passengers
Stress on crew member/s affected by laser
Cost of time off of crew member/s from flying duties
...... need I go on ...

8,998 laser incidents reported to UK CAA between 2009 and 2015 amounts to 1,500 per year - Wow

Are most of these nutcases not identifiable?

Where are they getting powerful lasers from and why can this soucring method not be a route to identifying these nutters?

As a solution would airline and flying crew not be best to evaluate wrap around goggles - both day and night versions (more modern version of the ones worn by the Biggles era and those of us who have flown in Tiger Moths) which can be worn when the aircraft is at low altitudes (including take off and landing) ?

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Most of those incidents happens around airports.
A persistent drone with 360 permanent coverage is the solution.

Now, guess what, somebody have already comes around a solution... And you are right the cost is tremendous and the miniaturization of power sources won't help at all if nothing is done now to decrease the number of occurrences (latter there will be more of them with a higher severity - it's a problem that need to be solved before it reaches a point of divergence with the available credits for a counter-measure).

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I hope you don't mind the question; is English your first language ?