British Airways pulls out of San Diego

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Just an FYI that BA is pulling out of San Diego effective 25 October. I spoke with a good friend who works for BA here in San Diego and she has told me over and over how virtually every flight leaving here is over sold. Also she states that the cargo hold is always full and doesn't understand how it's possible that BA is losing money. Pretty dissapointing really. This was the only direct flight to Europe from San Diego.

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Welcome to the forum Slam22 i hope you enjoy it
I think your our first from San Diego

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I know it's always disappointing for people affected by routes being withdrawn, but as I have said in other threads emotion aside, airlines are in business to produce a profit.

Full aeroplanes aren't making money if you are having to heavily discount tickets in order to fill the aircraft.

PHX/SAN was split into stand alone routes a few years ago in order to allow the very successful PHX route to develop further. However as a seperate route SAN was never a business success, and in todays climate no airline can operate a route that doesn't justify its existance.


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No big deal.
It's easy to connect to San Diego from SFO or from LAX.

UA suppressed 2 years ago Non Stop flights from CDG to LAX , and just now uses the SFO flight which continues to LAX.

I have used it many times , it's not a major annoyance!

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presumably they can use the slots and aeroplane for something more profitable... may've been 'full' regularly but depends who its 'full' of... if its just being filled with lots of cheap fare punters then they'll be looking to use the a/c + slots somewhere they can fill the aeroplane with higher yield pax.

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I reckon this is the first step in extending the AA/BA partnership. Now that they have the go ahead to codeshare, I'd imagine that AA will offer BA connections to San Diego.

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Hey Slam22 welcome to the forum from a member in Australia, and that does sound weird how BA is loosing money.