Joint QF-BA service gets OK

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The Australian Competition and consumer Commission has given interim approval to the Qantas-British Airways joint services agreement on the kangaroo route pending a final decision this year. Approval for the existing agreement, which allows the two airlines to coordinate scheduling,marketing,sales,pricing,customer service and freight activities on services between Australia and Europe,was due to expire on July 21.
The ACCC says the interim approval to continue the airlines' current arrangments will give it more time to evaluate the new Qantas-BA application.
The commission stresses the interim approval "does not automatically mean that the ACCC will grant final approval".

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Good news, this was supposedly “Judgement Day” in the BA/QF alliance rumours, which suggested Qantas might leave Oneworld for Star. This period would allow Qantas the opportunity to jump alliances depending on ACCC’s decision on the renewal of the JSA between the two airlines. Great to hear that they have given interim approval though there is the final decision to wait for.