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From todays (monday 14 July) Evening Times (glasgows evening newspaper) full story at http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/hi/news/5017342.html


THE airline that helped launch Glasgow's first home-grown low-cost flights has been grounded.

Electra Airlines, the original operator of city-based budget holiday firm Air-Scotland, has been stripped of its operating licence for at least three months.

And the Evening Times can today reveal the airline - which carried thousands of Scots passengers from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Spanish holiday sunspots for Air-Scotland - is now banned from taking to the skies.

Aviation authorities in Greece today confirmed they had formally suspended Electra's operating licence and air operator certificate on July 2, weeks after the Evening Times first raised safety concerns with the airline.

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Hardly surprising, really... that's why Air Scotland ditched Electra and have since been operating on Air Holland's Operating Licence, using Air Holland a/c.

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No, HLN is the three letter code of Air Holland. Air-Scotland.com is more or less nothing but a low-cost tour operator chartering the Air Holland planes.