KLM about to join SkyTeam

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Heard on EuroNews that KLM is about to join SkyTeam.
Does anyone know more?
This brings many question:

1) What about NWA? There are rumous telling that CO and NW are about to join the team as well
2 What about BA agreement?

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KLM in my opinion had no other option although I believe Oneworld would have possessed more for them in terms of exposure.

However, as I have said before, what you must consider here is who was calling the shots in this decision? Northwest has stated it would like to join SkyTeam with its partner Continental because of their link up with Delta. KLM will not lose its relationship with Northwest, who could give them such an enveloped alliance and who would want them as a European partner? No one, and so they have to naturally go where their reliable partner, Northwest goes. Therefore, in my opinion it wasn’t KLM who was the driving force but it was Northwest.

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It STILL has not been decided, the door is still open for BA to come with something interesting. Having said that, I think that AF would be better. They already are a partner with Delta, Delta is a partner of NW and NW is a partner of KLM. This would give a very good alliance.

Sometimes these negotiaters look like the Duracel bunny. They keep on going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going. Hey, in Holland you can never know what people stick up their %&*. ;)

I probably should not have said that.... :D

I hope this won't affect my chances for a job at KLM in the future. :p

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I believe that if KLM joins Skyteam Alliance then NWA will to because of their strong alliance between themselves also.

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remember also that alitalia was NW and KLMs "reliable" partner about 3 years ago...i still remember being on a KLM flight, and seeing the videos of a KLM 747 and an Alitalia 747 nose to nose with the crews all waving nicely at each other..........and then alitalia ditched them :D