ATSB Tackles ATR 72 Tail-Overstress Risk

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ATSB Tackles ATR 72 Tail-Overstress Risk

ATR and Virgin Australia have taken steps to prevent pilots from accidentally overstressing the ATR 72’s tail and to help maintenance engineers identify a rare but significant condition when the aircraft’s pitch-control system separates pilot and copilot inputs.[...]
The common factor is the ATR pitch-control system design. It features a “pitch disconnect” that, in cases of jammed controls, gives the captain control of the left-side elevator and the first officer control of the right-side elevator. In normal mode, each pilot controls both elevators.


An heresy.

Based on the ongoing investigation, the ATSB put out a “safety issue” alert to ATR about potential problems with a pitch disconnect, including “catastrophic damage” to an aircraft structure before crews can act.

read also the comments and the cynicism from some taking the defense of Airbus where there are no excuses. Seems Airbus has its own Chinese bots...
How much a living can someone make doing such without the least considerations for the life of dozens. And what will comes next? Gang squads?


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