Airliner World July issue - FREE Airbus Commercial Jets Poster!

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Posts: 2,117 Featuring: FREE POSTER! Airbus Commercial Jets Also in this issue: Uniquely Virgin The British carrier has long been renowned for its style, but there is more than enough substance to match. Wild and Untamed Island-hopping around some of the most remote areas of Vanuatu, a little-known South Pacific archipelago. The Vision Express Behind the scenes of Orbis' new Flying Eye Hospital. Long-haul, Norwegian Style Low-cost, no-frills airfares have transformed regional markets around the world – but does the same model work on long-haul flights? Brazilian Beauty Shining the spotlight on the Embraer E2, the latest iteration of the successful E-Jet family. The Grande Tour de France Twice a month a truly remarkable, yet largely unseen, event takes place in the countryside of southwestern France – all aboard the A380 convoy! AND MUCH MORE! Pick up your copy now, direct from or leading newsagents. Alternatively, you can download a digital edition here
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