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Irish Evolution
CityJet has successfully reinvented itself as a specialist ACMI provider, offering its regional expertise to legacy carriers throughout Europe.

From Paramedic to Pilot
The decision to become a professional pilot is not one made easily and requires investment in time and money.

Palace in the Sky
VIP charter operator Acropolis Aviation is preparing to receive its first Airbus ACJ320neo.

Supersonic Soviet Style
The world’s first, heaviest and biggest supersonic airliner broke the sound barrier for the first time in 1969. But the machine in question is not Concorde – this is the story of the Soviet Union’s Tu-144.

Japan’s Island Airport
Built on an artificial island off the coast of Nagoya, Chubu Centrair International Airport is one of the country’s newest facilities.

From the Cockpit – Flying the Whisperjet
On board with Brussels Airlines for a scheduled service between the Belgian capital and Stockholm’s city centre airport, Bromma.


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