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This 132-page British Aerospace and BAE SYSTEMS publication, written by renowned author Stephen Skinner,
commemorates the 40th birthday of one of Britain’s most important companies. In April 1977, the UK’s airframe companies
were merged to become British Aerospace (BAe). The newly-formed company inherited several military programmes; the Tornado,
Jaguar, Harrier and Hawk which assured work for this part of the organisation. The civil side was less secure as its major
products were mostly at the end of production. To maintain BAe’s position in this sector, the 125 and Jetstream were further
developed, the company re-joined the Airbus consortium and BAe146 received the go-ahead.

Using extensive archive images, inside comment and researchers, this bookazine presents an incredible salute
to Britain’s foremost post-war aircraft manufacturers.


From British Aerospace to BAE SYSTEMS 1977-2017
The story of British Aerospace from its establishment in 1977, the takeover of GEC-Marconi which
led to the formation BAE SYSTEMS in 1999 and its evolution into a broad-based defence contractor.

Executive best-seller – the 125
The 125 executive jet was a great success, remaining in production for 50 years, though for the
last 19 years it was under American ownership.

Harrier – conquering the vertical
The prototypes that were the forerunner to the Harrier flew in 1960 and under British Aerospace substantial
development continued to and refine the design whose effectiveness was proven during the Falklands conflict.

Jaguar - Anglo-French strike trainer
British and French Jaguar operations have ceased but 48 years after its maiden flight, the quality of the design
is self-evident as it plays a continuing and important role with the Indian Air force

Hawk – 40 years of refinement
As the last remaining wholly British military aircraft, still in production and continuing to be developed,
it is gratifying that the Hawk has proved such a success, both at home and overseas.

Multi-National F-35
The F-35 is a huge international military aircraft programme and it is estimated that over 3,000 will be produced.
Lockheed Martin is the main contractor and BAE SYSTEMS also plays a major role in the project


BAE Systems is AVAILABLE NOW for just £6.99 from the Key Online Shop. Alternatively, you can purchase your copy from WHSmith, any other leading newsagent or download your digital copy here.

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