U-Tapao ,Thailand

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Flew from here to Udon Thani last week.U-Tapao is expanding fast ,a new terminal opens next week as the number of passenger flights has increased in the last few years,most are charters from Russia and the east plus china.The airport is shared with the Thai navy who have parts of the airfield for their use.Also Thai airways have a large maintenance base there.Just announced tha Quatar airways have started flights here.Sorry for photo quality taken through the airplane window with a small Sony!!There are flights to Udon Thani ,Chang Mai and other cities most of which have military bases attached.For those whose hobby is spotting there is a great restaurant at the end of the runway (to one side!)where photography is good,also the food and cold beer!!

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Interesting to see the ramp in picture 1. That's the ramp where we operated the U-2s and DC-130s (RPV/Drone launching motherships) in the early 1970s,