Breaking News: Antovov 148 crash near Moscow, 71 feared dead.

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Sad news I'm afraid and has ended what was an accident free period for airliners.


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Sad news indeed.
Aircraft involved, photo taken last month:


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Saratov Airlines' Antonov An-148-100V, performing flight 6W-703 from Moscow Domodedovo DME to Orsk Airport OSW on 11. Feb 2018, with 65 passengers and 6 crew, was climbing out of Moscow's runway 14R when the aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 6.000 ft / 1.830 m then descended again and disappeared from radar at about 14:28L (11:28Z). The aircraft was subsequently found crashed in an open field about 18 nmi / 33,3 km southeast of the aerodrome near the village Stepanovskoye in Dergayevo in the Ramensky District.

The aircraft in question is An-148-100V, MSN 27015040004 / LN 40-06 / 02-04, reg. RA-61704, with the cabin configuration C8 Y60 and powered by two D-436-148, high-bypass, three-shaft, turbofan engine (fan diameter: 1.373 mm / 54,1 in; BPR: 5,6:1; engine architecture: 1F-6IPC=7HPC1HPT=1IPT-3LPT), OPR: 21,9:1, rated at 68,76 kN / 7.012 kgf / 15.458 lbf. The D-436-148 engine features improved accessory gearbox and thrust reverser as well as composites introduced on the core fairing and main jet with noise-suppressing coatings and FADEC control. The engine entered flight tests in March 2004 and performed its maiden flight, powering the Antonov An-148, on 17. Dec 2004. The aircraft registered as RA-61704 first flew in May 2010. It was delivered to the first customer, OJSC Rossiya Airlines (АО "Авиакомпания "Россия"), on 10. Jun 2010.

Saratov Airlines' An-148-100V, reg. RA-61704, flight 6W-703

Some early reports were pointing out on the possibility of a mid-air collision with a Russian Post Office helicopter. The theory may have been triggered by the fact that the A/C was carrying mail. Says pieces of helicopter was found on crash site, but it turned out to be incorrect. Russian Post denied reports that their helicopter was involved in the plane crash, claiming they have no helicopters. It appears that the airframe MSN 27015040004 / LN 40-06 / 02-04 had severe reliability problems due to being one of the very first aircraft off the line. It was grounded for several years until OJSC "Saratov Airlines" (ОАО "Саратовские авиалинии") took it up from OJSC Rossiya Airlines (АО "Авиакомпания "Россия").

It was also reported that the crashed aircraft was not treated with anti-icing fluid. According to some reports, the captain of the plane refused this. In addition, there was information that the aircraft had problems with the mechanization of the wing, but officially this information is not confirmed. Also, the pilot requested an emergency landing in Zhukovsky.

CCTV footage of the moment of the crash. According to Russia's Investigative Committee, "when the plane crashed it was intact, there was no fire, and the explosion happened on impact". It seems to be a very high speed impact with a lot of forward motion...

All but a simple and enjoyable job for those who have been involved in looking for dead bodies of the passengers and parts of the aircraft ...

The data from the recovered flight data recorder (FDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) could give a lot of answers to what really happened...

The Russian investigators reported that the preliminary results of the flight data recorder indicate that the last minutes of flight the aircraft experienced substantial variation of IAS (Indicated airspeed) and pitot heat was off during the entire flight for all three tubes (Failure to follow the check-list?). You get the picture.

ArmenPress reporting specifics of FDR information confirming ASI (airspeed indicator) disagreement including multiple "The Instrument Panel - Compare!" warnings. They also state that the disagreement escalated to the point of one ASI showing 0 and another showing in between 540-560 km/h. Also mentions that a criminal case resulting in deaths due to negligence has been opened. Sounds like the final conclusion of what has happened has already been adopted.

Problems that consider the causes of the crash of the Antonov An-148 plane in the Moscow region are also found in SSJ 100 airliners. The Kommersant newspaper cites a telegram from Rosaviatsia that was sent to the management of airlines, aerodrome operators and territorial authorities.
The telegram of the Federal Air Transport Agency states that similar problems were revealed by SSJ 100 Aeroflot planes on 4-5. Feb in Moscow. For two days of heavy snowfall on these liners revealed seven such problems were detected at Sheremetyevo Airport with this type of aircraft, and from 2011 - 14. The crews noted the discrepancy between the speed commander and the co-pilot. Incidents occurred during takeoff for take-off or at the initial stage of climb. In all cases, the crews stopped taking off or returned to the departure aerodrome.
As Kommersant points out, Federal Air Transport Agency - Rosaviatsia (Федеральное агентство воздушного транспорта - Росавиация) has no claims to the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft, but at the same time, the agency demands paying attention to the poor quality of the preparation of the airfield for receiving and releasing aircraft. However, the Federal Air Transport Agency is in no hurry to apply measures to aircraft, considering the root of the problems the poor operation of airports.

On 13. Feb 2018 the The Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) / Комиссия Межгосударственного авиационного комитета (МАК) reported that the flight data recorder needed to be torn down, the memory modules were removed from the FDR and inserted in a new electronics. Thereafter it was possible to read out all data which consist of 16 flights including the last, accident flight. The work to decode the data has started. The media of the voice recorder are currently being prepared for download.

In the afternoon of 13. Feb 2018 the МАК reported, that decoding of the FDR data has been completed. Preliminary analysis shows, that the pitot heatings for all three pitot probes were off while the pitot heatings had been turned on prior to departure on the previous 15 flights. About 2:30 minutes after becoming airborne a special situation developed at about 1.300 meters of height and a speed of 465-470 kph (250 KIAS - "Knots-Indicated Air Speed") when a disagreement between the speed readings #1 and #3 developed with the speed reading #2 not registering, #1 was showing about 30 kph (15 knots) more than #3, an according message was issued. No significant altitude deviations between the pitot systems were noticed. At about 2.000 meters height speed reading #1 began to reduce while #3 increased, another speed disagree message was issued. The crew disconnected the autopilot and continued in manual control. Speed readings from #3 reached 540-560 kph (290-300 KIAS), #1 speed readings continued to decrease. 50 seconds after the autopilot was disconnected the aircraft experienced vertical loads between 0,5 and 1,5G, the #1 speed reading reached 0, the #3 began to decrease reaching 200 kph (108 KIAS), the aircraft pitched down to about 30-35 degrees below horizont, the vertical load was 0G. Before collision with the ground, #3 speed readings began to rapidly increase reaching 800 kph (432 KIAS) just before impact, #1 speed readings remained at 0. The pitch angle remained at 30 degrees below horizont until impact, 5 seconds prior to impact a right bank of 25 degrees developed. The МАК wrote: "A preliminary analysis of the recorded information, as well as an analysis of similar cases that occurred in the past, suggest that the development of a special situation in the flight could be caused by incorrect data on the flight speed on the pilots indicators, which in turn was apparently due to icing of the pitot probes when the heating systems are off."

On 13. Feb 2018 Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that all 30 hectares of the crash site have been surveyed, the recovered body parts have been sent for DNA identification, more than 500 fragments of the aircraft have been found in the survey. DNA samples from 66 relatives of the victims have been collected. More than 1.000 people and 200 pieces of equipment participated in the search so far. In the afternoon the Ministry reported the search area has been expanded, 663 fragments of the aircraft have been found so far.

Rest in the peace of the Lord all of You the victims of this terrible tragedy, and my heart goes out to the inconsolable families and freinds who have lost someone.
Let the thought, You will meet them again in the eternity, be the consolation in this moments ...

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... so apparently the co-pilot probably forgot to turn on the pressure management equipment, which led to the chaos in the air as the pilots had conflicting speed readings. It does seem that the pilots did not seem to cooperate in the final seconds... Very unfortunate indeed.

Cockpit recordings transcribed and published by the RBC business outlet on Tuesday reveal the harrowing last conversation between captain Valery Gubanov and co-pilot Sergei Gambaryan. RBC confirmed the authenticity of the recording with sources at the Federal Air Transportation Agency and the Interstate Aviation Committee. on the images to read the articles