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From Vietnam to the World
Fuelled by a vibrant domestic market and rapidly growing international traffic, Hanoi-based flag carrier Vietnam Airlines is well on the way to establishing itself as a major force in Southeast Asia.

From Cadet to Captain
A relentless growth in demand for air travel and record numbers of aircraft orders and deliveries mean airlines across the globe are facing a looming pilot shortage.

Off the Beaten Path
Allegiant Air is one of the most profitable low-cost airlines in the US. With 91 aircraft and 4,000 employees, it has carved out a niche in serving smaller regional airports.

The Soviet Workhorse
The iconic Tupolev Tu-154 tri-jet is in many ways the definitive Soviet airliner – a true mainstay, with 1,000-plus examples built during more than four decades of production.

Breaking the Duopoly
Once the domain of Air Canada and WestJet, a raft of new ultra low-cost carriers are attempting to conquer the Canadian market.

The Small Heavyweight
Hahn Air operates just three small business jets and offers only twice-weekly scheduled services yet has sold more than 30 million tickets.


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