Airbus AS350 N350LH Crash

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Airbus warned of helicopter defects before fatal East River crash

Federal officials warned chopper manufacturer Airbus that its helicopters were defective years before a fatal crash in the East River earlier this month, according to new legal filings.
The National Transportation Safety Board told the company in October 2010 that the emergency fuel cutoff levers in their helicopters could be activated by accident


Airbus “knew from other crashes and incidents .. . that the levers on its helicopters could be easily and inadvertently moved out of their detents,” the amended lawsuit allege.


The emergency floats on the right landing gear skid didn't inflate properly, which may have caused the helicopter to flip over on its side, the NTSB reported Monday.

Interesting case. Since I didn't find much on the web like thread dedicated to this case, though that we could discuss it here.

some pic of the faulty lever (source NTSB):


Daily News (N.Y)

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