The quest for Antonov An-124 UR82027

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Hi guys,

I am not used with aircraft tracking and as I try to follow the flight of AN124 UR82027 in early May 2018, I would need some help. This aircraft was the one seen in Australia delivering an F-35 simulator package in early May.


The aircraft flew from Malaysia.

Link here:

It then went to Melbourne and the day after departed for Tahiti where it stayed for one day for crew rest.

The news report in French that I linked above details the dates of arrival and departure which corroborates data (the serial number can be seen in the video also). Chile is the given destination but no tracking websites has its whereabouts during the next 2.5/3 days before it reappeared at Acapulco in Mexico for a stopover on what seems to be a northbound flight to San Bernardino near L.A/USA.

An-124 UR82027 then flew back to Ukraine via Poland where it is perfectly tracked on both website.

My question to all serious plane tracker is the following: is there a way to know where the plane was b/w the 3rd of May 2018 at 17h38 AEST (UTC+10) and the 6th of May 2018 0804 CDT (UTC-5)?

Below is the recorded history for the period I am interested into.

Thank you all for your attention


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Are civilian flights allowed to disconnect their transponders?
Is there any reported lack of coverage above Chile, Mexico or Argentina?