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Phantoms in RAF Service
Dr Kevin Wright gives an overview of RAF Phantoms, their roles and the squadrons that operated them.

Preserved UK Warriors
A guide to preserved Phantoms that are on display in museums around the UK.

Photo Shoot at the Top of the World
In the first of an occasional series, former RAF photographer Warrant Officer Rick Brewell (ret’d) gives insights into an unusual photo shoot.


Dutch Desert ‘Vipers’
Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 pilots train in the heat of Arizona. Dr Kevin Wright spoke to the unit’s CO, Lt Col Joost ‘Niki’ Luysterburg.

VFW 614: Ahead of its Time
Barry Lloyd examines the VFW 614 – an innovative German-designed, multinational jetliner.

Spangdahlem’s Hunter Killers
Doug Gordon examines this unusual arrangement at Spangdahlem which saw the F-16 working with the F-4G as Wild Weasel hunter/killer teams.


Aviation News - F-4 Phantom Special is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.70 from the Key Online Shop. Alternatively, you can purchase your copy from WHSmith, any other leading newsagent or download your digital copy here.

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