When does short haul become long haul?

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When does a flight change from being a short haul flight to become a long haul flight?! The thought had occurred to me as recently, the Irish big airline was voted the worst short haul operator. As they operate some flights over four hours long, the difference became a puzzle!
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I think the definition can mean different things to different people. To an airline it might mean a demarcation of the onboard service offering (beds/more food etc. for long-haul) or a different crew base. It might be in terms of hours, say for flight crew/cabin crew if there is a mixed fleet type. It may well be a geographical demarcation that drives the offering.to a carrier, that may differ from company to company. I know the big British airline moved a particular flight from short to long haul, changing the aircraft type and offering then the full longhaul product with beds and such and was a marketing and business decision. So, sorry, I haven’t answered as such, but hope given a flavour of the fact it can mean different things to different people.
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From a variety of sources and by googling 'definition of short haul flight' Short Haul = under 3 Hrs Medium Haul = 3 - 6 Hrs Long Haul = 6 - 12 Hrs Ultra Long = over 12 Hrs