Last B.727 passenger flight.

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Thanks for the link! You can see the ownership history of our plane at the link. She was delivered in 1981. Still going strong, at the last C check she was given a clean bill of health, no corrosion whatsoever. She was also re-engined and fitted with winglets. M-STAR and Peter Nygard also operate 727's and 2excel have recently acquired and refurbished another for passenger flights. This makes at least 4 still flying passengers, but not scheduled operations.

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Nice little a/c to fly in - I only did a couple of trips in a 727 - with Sabre Airways out of Gatwick - a right little Pocket Rocket :)

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I think maybe a car team NASCAR might be operating one. Maybe another corp. job on west coast. Also was a 727 doing Zero G flights.


ex 727 Capt.

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I believe the NASCAR team was the Roush organization.
Jack Roush is a warbird pilot, P-51 owner and at his direction his firm has produced parts and upgrades for Merlins.

I took this picture at Sanford Orlando last June.