Fatal Amazon crash.

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An unfortunate title, but this is the way all reports are headed. The plane, a B.767 belonged to Atlas Air and three employees were killed. R.I.P.

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Let's hope that they didn't fall asleep. Crew exhaustion was pointed in the media.

Security video shows the plane going down in a steep dive without any attempt to pull out

“The aircraft is in the video… at a steep descent – [a] steep nose-down attitude,” NTSB chair Robert Sumwalt said during a press conference on 24 February. “I saw no evidence of the aircraft trying to turn or pull up at the last moments.”

The security video was taken from a county jail at a distance of slightly more than 1nm (1.9km) from the site where the Boeing 767-300ER Freighter crashed following a flight from Miami.

Authorities have confirmed three people were aboard the aircraft. Atlas Air says there were no survivors.


Horrible. Hope they find the flight recorders. This is quite a mystery. The Lauda Air flight data recorder was destroyed and they were never able to determine exactly what caused the thrust reverser to deploy.

The CVR has been found and presently at the lab for analysis.