Concorde - Supersonic legend OUT NOW!

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In this magazine:

Delta on the Drawing Board
Stephen Skinner chronicles the design and development of Concorde, a triumph in Anglo-French collaboration.

A Pilot's Perspective
From ground training to flight training to revenue service, Concorde differed from every other commercial aeroplane, as its former chief pilot, Captain Jock Lowe, recalls.

Speedbird Supersonic
Concorde was the iconic flagship of British Airways’ fleet for more than a quarter of a century. David Ransted looks back at their shared history.

Divine Power
Stephen Skinner tells the story of the remarkable Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus engine, without which Concorde would simply not have been possible.

and much more!

Concorde - Supersonic Legend is available now from WHSmith and all other leading newsagents for just £5.99. Alternatively, pick up your copy with FREE P&P* from or download a digital edition from - simply search 'Concorde - Supersonic Legend'

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