Faury defends Airbus forecasting after A380 disappointment

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Faury also insists that – despite the weak sales – the A380 has been a “success” for Airbus. “I absolutely believe Airbus wouldn’t be where it is today without the A380,” he says, given that it provided crucial lessons for subsequent programmes, particularly the A350.

“Innovation means taking risks and we want to continue to be that kind of competitor in the market,” says Faury, and refers to a quote attributed to former UK prime minister Winston Churchill: “Success is going from failure to failure, without losing your enthusiasm.”

it's quite clear that he himself hasn't loose nor his enthusiasm to fail repeatedly or his verve. And ,any penny:

Interestingly, Leeham also reports on a question of finances asked by Reuters Aerospace News. Airbus received launch aid from Germany to the tune of $600m. However, this has not been paid back. The Reuters reported questioned why, if the project had been considered a success. Reports indicate that Airbus did not answer the question.

Quite sad also to see that Churchill is now the new Confucius of the French elite.


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The ending of A380 production after such a short time is, indeed, sad. I guess there would be an insufficient business case for a major update.

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One wonders if the production decision would have been made based on purely business terms, i.e. getting money from lenders who expect it...and interest...back instead of a semi-governmental agency (which some would say exists to create jobs as much as aeroplanes)?