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I know that EAL still operate the B737-200, but will the B747s ever return? There is a picture of one operating for Corsair on the 26th of March, and that aircraft used to be stored with 2 engines. Does that mean that the other aircraft with engines missing could fly again? I certainly miss seeing them at MAN, so, can anyone shed any light on what will happen??

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as to if the other stored aircraft will fly again, thats dependant of several things.
Mainly their total number of flying hours. Every aircraft has a recommended maximum number of hours, above which on the foolish go.

If they all, or one or two have say 10 thousand hours to go before they "expire" it may well be worth fiting the missing parts and pressing them back inito service.

However, if one has plenty of hours left, but is only a few hours short of a C or D check then it might be too expensive to put it through the check.

Just a few reasons.
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Aren't some of them supposed to be operating for Air Atlanta this summer? Know G-BDXJ was operating for EUK/TCY recently, carrying Air Atlanta Europe titles.

Other than that I dont know.
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Thanks for your help!
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they are still operating. I have a friend who flies the 747 for them.