Paris air show on TV?

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Any one know if there are any highlight programmes from the flying displays at the paris air show on tv? Or any programmes related to the airshow on?


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Does anybody knows whether it will be shown on Discovery wings here in US.

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I thought that Discovery Wings was changed into an army station?

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If it is shown on Discovery Wings will be 5 years late. Last time i saw DW in Janurary the "Airshow World" program was on 2001 Paris Show. They also aired a flight sim documentary last november billing it as New. Mmm it was made 5 years before that, only found this out when i contacted one of the ppl in it!

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Don't know if this is any help but Euronews (Sky Channel 528) has been airing daily reports on the show usually tied in with their business section. Have seen some flying and reports from the exhibition halls...Better than nothing I guess!