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Just back from my annual couple of day visit at MAN. Never been sunburnt there before though! Stayed, as always, at the Airport 'hotel', its cheap and cheerfull, if noisey! Plus has a nice balcony area for guests for some cracking landing shots.Some very nice aircraft seen, here are a few photos mostly taken art dusk to give some nice lighting conditions. Having a non spotting weekend, as with Paris, her indoors has hardly seen me. Although we have to drive pass Bournemouth :rolleyes: , there is no escape!
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Wicked selection there!!! I like the FlyBE and the Air Contractors
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Don't say sorry :D Excellent set of shots there mate!
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Really nice evening light on some of the shots. That's also the first photo I've seen of the flybe. 737-300. Looks quite nice.

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Great shots there