Some pictures from EDI (24/07/2005)

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Taken from the terminal at EDI at dusk so apologies for the quality. Nothing much to report, apart from what was potentially the last EU Jet flight from the airport. We had flown up to EDI from BHX on Saturday - WW1001 (G-TOYE) and back on Sunday - WW1006 (G-TOYD).
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Lovin the shot of G-MIDL. Saw it at BHD yesterday :)
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Nice assortment of shots. Love the British Airways 757 ones. :)
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Great ones there! EUJ you wont see again!!
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Nice shots. I like the G-MIDL shot

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Nice shots! I like the EUJet ones especially as we won't be seeing them again sadly... Why does BA have that stupid black ring on the noses or their 757's and 737's? It looks so stupid! I wish they'd get rid of them!