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Well - I'm leaving SEA for ATL .. me and the ol' dog will be heading cross country by Jeep liberty Sunday morning ... But .. we do of course have to say goodbye with some shots: Here's ol' LN-MOW in the captain's seat of L-1011 N162AT. N162AT - arriving from Yokota AFB. Kitty Hawk 733F - already a regular at SEA. Showing you how far it is between SEA and AMS! Aaah - those winglets.. Over to BFI: Shenzhen B739 going for a testride. Shandong 738 on its delivery ... next stop HNL! A golden oldie! Enjoying the logo behind ... hehe ...
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Have a great trip and look forward to the next photos! :cool:

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Great shots as ever. I assume will be seeing a lot more Delta shots before long

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First class shots as always, i wish you well on your odyssey
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Another great selection from an interesting part of the world.

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Good luck on the trip, drive safe. I live in the Atlanta area and think you will find there are lots of places for getting some good pictures around here. Carl