Manchester Meet Report (Part 1)

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Hi all, only just got around to starting to write this up ---> work is hampering my time again. :mad:

Well, Wednesday... what a day. At last i got to visit Manchester! Something i've wanted to do for ages.

I got to Heathrow by 8:30am for our flight to Manchester, met up with Michael in the Burger King in T1, near to the Bmi check-in desks. We didn't have to check in with BA, as Michael had already done it online the previous night.

We went through security, and our boarding cards (well bits of paper - the guys on the meet will know what i mean!), then through the scanner/metal dectectors etc. I was stopped going through here, and had my bag searched. They though the huge camera lense i was carrying looked a little on the suspicious side, so they decided to check it over for traces of explosives. I was best pleased with the way the girl handled my lense at all. I mean she literally threw it around all over the place in the tray i had to place it in, and this lense aint a cheap bit of kit! The lense had been damaged by her, making it slightly off centre when taking pictures ( i have been on the BAA about this, and i am awaiting a response.)

Through to the departure lounge where we had to wait for about 30 minutes. Whilst waiting we saw G-CPEM taxi past (blue peter 757), so we knew we were not to be travelling on this one... much to our disappointment. We were called to our gate about 9:20, where G-BPEE was sitting... just the normal, typical BA 757, though i was still happy, having never flown a BA 757 before. Actually come to think of it - this was my first proper flight with BA!

We boarded and took out seats - 33 and 34 A... right at the back of the aircraft. By 945 we were ready to go. The aircraft had only a handfull of Passengers on it... a max of about 30! Michael and myself had the entire 10 back rows to ourselves! Our 757 was sat next to a company 757 - G-BPEC.
G-BPEC next to us at the gate.
"EC" Pushed back before us.

The aircraft had to wait about 15 minutes for a slot for take off, where we sat alongside a company BA 747. We took off on 27L out to the west, and over Windsor Castle. On our way up we passed over the BA Cargo Terminal and remote stands.
G-BNLO alongside out 757. Parked up for the day.
Taking off over the BA cargo ramp - where a JAL 747-400 and two BA 747-400 sit awaiting their fights.
Over the remote stands, where there site a Kenyan 777-200 (which we saw leave LHR later that day when we got back)
Over Windsor Castle we go.......

Our flight was quite un-eventfull, with more or less clear skys outside above, though cloudy below us.... sadly the clouds go in the way pretty much the whoe day. :(
A look out over our wing. Sorry for the quality on all the "out of the window shots" the window was flithy!

Upon landing at Manchester i caught a glimpse of the two Tridents on the fire dump. When making our way to the terminal we went past an Aer Lingus A320 and multiple Jet2 aircraft. After hanging around in the terminal waiting for someone to meet us, we decided to make our own way to the T2 Car Park roof, where we met up with the group. We hung about on the roof for around 30 minutes before moving to the AVP.
The Aer Lingus A320, which i belive was Shamrocks carriage to Manchester?

And now a few shots from the roof....

More soon. :)

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Great start Andy.....can't wait for the next Part!

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Suoerb shots and report Andy, that A320 was indeed Andrews flight :).

So sorry I didnt get down to meet you, me and Andrew came down too late!

Look forward to seeing you again at LHR in October, looking forward to the rest of the photos :).

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Some superb inflight shots... brings back some fond memories :rolleyes:

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Great stuff mate.
Just what the erm... aviation enthusiast ordered. (WTF?!)
Didn't anyone take pics of forum members? :(

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Good work Andy, looking forward to the rest from the AVP etc.

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Very nice indeed. :)

Great stuff mate.
Just what the erm... aviation enthusiast ordered. (WTF?!)
Didn't anyone take pics of forum members? :(

There was one posted by Grey Area in the main thread....

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Nice report and great pictures

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Very nice shots! :D

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Nice shots there

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Fantastic shots there Andy...looking forward to the next installment