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There is report on Teletext that a BA flight overshot the runway at Hanover today.

Nobody hurt, aircraft over overshot by 150yrds, ending up in meadow! :confused:

It started it's journey from Birmingham with 45 passengers.

Don't know anymore.



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hmm, must take 'skill' to overshoot an Embraer?! :confused: How long is the runway?

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Might be extenuating circumstances.....don't shoot the pilot until details are known....too many couch pilots on here :eek:


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The main thing is, everybody walked away unharmed!!

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could have been a lot worse. Glad everyone was unharmed

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It could of been an awful lot worse. My mum and dad are flying on BA and complained that every time they are flying, theres usually an incident. I mentioned this one to her and simply said "overshot."

Most people get the wrong opinion, the aeroplanes on its wheels, looking rather upright. Good showing of skill from the flight deck there!