Triple-aisle craft?

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Big airplanes since Boeing 747 normally have 2 aisles and in Economy seat from 7 abreast (Boeing 767) to 10 abreast (Boeing 747, sometimes 777 and even MD/DC and Lockheed widebodies).

What about 3 aisles?

Yes, it is feasible to seat 12 abreast with 2 aisles, and no plane is wide enough for that.

But I have heard that Air Tahiti Nui is stated to have 3-aisle Airbus 340 craft, seating 8 abreast in Economy. I have never seen seatmaps or cabin images, though.

What is it like?

It must be narrower than normal 2-4-2 in an Airbus widebody. But then again, 9 abreast in Airbus widebody is known.

What is the use for the company of such odd layout?

No middle seats. I suppose that having narrower seats and more aisle width cuts down interior weigth, which matters on long haul.

Are there any other airlines and planes which may make use of 3 aisles? 2-2-2-2 in back of plane on, say, Boeing 77-200LR might cut down payload weight to stretch the range. Could a Boeing 777-200LR with such an interior fly between Roissy and Faaa nonstop?

Also Airbus 380 is 48 cm wider than Boeing 747. It is supposed to have standard Economy layout 3-4-3, like Boeing 747 and the extra width divided between aisles and seats. But 48 cm is enough for another column. Could Airbus 380 fly seating 11 abreast, like 3-5-3? Or adding a third aisle to seat 10 abreast, like 2-3-3-2?

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