Good day at AMS. 28/08/2005

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It seems the summer has finally showed up. Last weekend was nice, and this weekend was great! A bit too warm (heathaze), but it sure beats rain. First time in a long time I filled up mu 1gb card competely! Some 32 photos on my site, but only a selection of those here.

1) Northwest DC-10 N226NW, new livery.

2) El Al B767 4X-EAB.

3) Snowflake MD87 LN-ROU. A welcome substitution to the regular SAS MD-87s.

4) Biz jet Challenger D-ADND.

5) KLM B737 PH-BXC, special livery. Not really happy with the photo, but it's a special livery.

6) A Transavia B737 on temporary lease to KLM. Transavia is still leasing 2 other B737s from South African and only recently terminated a short term lease from Sun Country. So why Transavia has leased out their B737 when they obviously need the capacity is beyond me.

7) Armavia A320 UR-32009. After months of constantly missing this plane, I finally nailed her!

8) Bulgarian B737 LX-BOR. Does anyone happen to know why this plane has these non standard titles?

9) Martinair Cargo MD-11 PH-MCU. Still in the special flower power livery.

10) China Airlines B747 B-18208.

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Very nice shots Peter. Glad to see the weather has perked up for you.

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Great stuff. I think the Bulgarian 737 is operated by the airline on behalf of the government, hence the titling being differant.

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Lovely shots Peter. :) The Armavia and China Airlines one in particular... Also some very nice shots on your website. :)

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I particularly enjoyed the Armavia myself. Excellent work! :)