Request for picutre: Engine blades tied together with seat belt or something

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I remember looking at picture of an aircraft that was grounded at some airport in europe because the technicans discovered that the 2 engine blades were tied together with seat belt or something like that. I don't remember correctly but i think that the plane belonged to a chinese airline.

Can you guys tell me where i can find that picture? I tried but couldn't locate it over there.



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The picture showed a CF-6 with badly damaged fan. The fan had been tied to it's stator blades to stop it windmillind using the approved method with an approved G.E. tool. This tool was a wery long strap with a seat belt buckle fitted to it to secure it together. If you look very closly at the picture you can read the part number off the strap. Both G.E. and P.W. use this method to secure the fan for a three engine ferry. It is approved by them, the F.A.A., the C.A.A and any body else you care to mention!

Rgds Cking

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You didnt have to reply to his orginal post with so much venom as he was only looking for information on the subject.

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Looks a fairly dodgy practice to me!!

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suppose they know what their doing.................
but I'm with you Steve dodgy.