British CAA: Extend PIA rights at MAN

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Interesting analysis done by the British CAA. Here is the synopsis:

UK interests affected by an extension of PIA’s rights

• UK passengers, mainly from the North West and
Yorkshire/Humberside, may benefit from more frequency,
more capacity, lower fares and a more direct journey;

• UK airlines operating direct services at Manchester may
lose because they lose traffic and the average market
yield traffic falls;

• UK airlines operating domestic services from Manchester
and Leeds into London and transatlantic services from
London may lose traffic as passengers decide to travel
on PIA’s direct services;

• Manchester airport may gain from an increase in
throughput but London’s airports may lose passengers;

• Businesses in the UK which supply PIA will gain, particularly
if PIA adds new services;

• Tourism in the UK will increase if fares are lowered and
inbound travel

Full Case Study (PDF)

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