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Euromanx scales back network as fuel prices bite
Victoria Moores, London (15Sep05, 15:56 GMT, 254 words)

Isle of Man-based carrier Euromanx is rationalising its operation and will cut its Glasgow and Southampton routes from next month.

Euromanx has undergone rapid development since it was acquired by a group of investors headed by aviation entrepreneur Warren Seymour in September 2004.

But the airline is now scaling back its network due to poor winter bookings, high fuel prices and high fixed operating costs at Ronaldsway Airport on the Isle of Man.

Euromanx CEO John Seymour, who has succeeded Warren Seymour at the helm of the carrier, says: “We are committed to our operation here on the island but, as everyone is aware, because of the rising fuel costs there are some routes which have become unviable to operate.

“Our fuel costs have risen by 194% in the past 18 months and, by consolidating the remaining routes, building on our success, we will bring stability to the aviation industry on the Isle of Man.”

The carrier has “invested heavily” in marketing its Glasgow and Southampton flights but, although they proved popular during the summer, these services will be dropped from the beginning of October.

John Seymour tells ATI: “There are rumours and gossip about what is happening. In very simple terms we are rationalising. Some of the routes are not working out so we are going to stop them.”

Despite the cuts Seymour says that the company is “fine”, adding that Euromanx’s board and bank remain “very supportive” of the company’s development. “We see the future as extremely positive and bright,” he says.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news

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Also looks like all the Galway routes are going too.