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On Thursday, as part of my wife's "significant birthday" present, we are flying off to Dubai for a five night visit and, having raided the piggy bank, we are flying Glasgow - Dubai - Glasgow with Emirates in Business Class.
Being a little selfish ("surely not" I hear you cry) I have arranged the dates so that we fly out on one of the last Airbus 330-200's and return on the Tuesday on the new Boeing 777-300 service.
Looking forward to flying on both aircraft. I have flown on a 777-200 before but, for the life of me, I can't remember being on an A330 before.
Will repport on my return.

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Have a great one!
Went to Dubai last year, and DXB is just something else. What a fantastic airport...

Also is a really good place. Sure I don't need to tell you about the shopping and weather.. ;)