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My faves

OK, my faves...

Aircraft - :rolleyes: Can't make my mind up, so I'll just say all Commercial
LCC - Dunno, I've never flown one :o
Airline - FCA :D
Airport - Singapore :D

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I'd say

- Peoples favourite aircraft The Shorts SD360
- Favourite LCC Could Britanna be classed as LCC?
- Favourite Airline Loganair
- Favourite Airport Oban

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Favourite Aircraft
For some years now, the 767-300 has been my favourite aircraft (based on looks). Its really nothing special to fly on.

Favourite Low Cost Carrier
Not a fan of the low cost carriers and try to avoid them where possible, though I have flown with easyJet and Ryanair. Ryanair were terrible but easyJet were great. A nice clean A319 on both flights, both on time and the service on both flights (although it had be paid for) was great.

Favourite Airline
Up until yesterday, it was Thai Airways International. They are one great airline with good levels of customer service, massive amounts of leg room for economy passengers, unbeatable inflight cuisine amongst other things. But its now none other than Virgin Atlantic. They don't cut corners to make savings. You get amazing inflight entertainment, a handy little amenity kit and good quality meals throughout. Ground service is impeccable, too.

Favourite Airport
Another recent discovery - Hong Kong. My favourite is the world's favourite, too. SkyTrax votes Hong Kong International as the best in the world and they know it, so much so that they have banners suspended from the ceiling telling everyone about it. Everything is so smooth in Hong Kong. At the other end of the scale comes Heathrow. What a dump.

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Peoples favourite aircraft
- B737-600
Favourite LCC
- Dont really have one
Favourite Airline
- Eastern Airways
Favourite Airport
- Humberside :)

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Favourite aircraft - 757-200
LCC - Jet2
Airline - Jet2 ;).
Airport - LBA (of course!!).

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Favourite aircraft (I've been on) - Airbus A310.
Favourite LCC - Ryanair, since it's the only one I've been on.
Airline: Royal Jordanian Airlines.
Airport: Good ol' Ringway.

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I'm a curious person :dev2: and I would like to know the following: -

- Peoples favourite aircraft
- Favourite LCC
- Favourite Airline
- Favourite Airport


- A330 from flying experience, Concorde under all other circumstances. ;)

- easyJet from flying experience, Flyglobespan for offering all those nice non-stop flights from Scotland, even if they aren't that cheap. :rolleyes:

- no idea. ;)

- EDI of course. ;) MAN a close 2nd. ;)

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Favorite Aircraft: Without a doubt the A332.
Favorite Airline: Air France ( Flown with them several times and I never had a bad experience!)
Favorite LCC: Don't have one since I have never flown with one!
Favorite Airport: CDG (It just tells me I am home when I fly-in from Canada to see my relatives. It's a great feeling!)