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Hi Guys Can anyone tell me which airport would be closest to London City center i'd be travelling from Glasgow probably the end of November beginning of December. Also can anyone recommend any decent but cheap accomodation preferably near the airport. Thanks
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Well i would imagine that London City Airport would be in the city cetre of london. Don't know whether there is a flight to there from GLA.
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No GLA-LCY link sadly, STN, LHR, LGW, and LTN are all much of a muchness in terms of distance and quality of public transport.

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Depends where abouts in London city you're looking to go I guess. From STN, the Stansted Express (not so expensive as the Heathrow Express) will take you to London Liverpool Street in about 45 minutes, which then puts you within a few tube stops from the city center. I've always found LGW very unreliable to get to, the Thameslink has had engineering works every single time I've looked to use it. I've not looked into the Gatwick Express. The Heathrow Express will take you to near central London but I can remember the prices being very steep. The Underground from Heathrow is probably about an hour-hour and a half.
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I add the same comments, it depends where you are going. I lived in the Thames Valley (beyond LHR) and so arrived in Paddington station (where the LHR Express puts you), and this is great for Hammersmith and West London, and ok for central London, around the westminster area. But if you're going to Canary Wharf area (East London) then STN will be far better, because the transport links across London are a nuisance from LHR to there. LTN trains will put you into either St. Pancras or Kings Cross, which are directly adjacent and share a tube station, this is very good for the heart of London because of the North/South tube links, but in reality is only a few stops round on the district/circle line from Paddington, so may not offer you much time saving over LHR given the extra time you'll have to spend on a train from LTN in the first place (in addition to having to sit in a plane with an orange tail which would be anough to put me off LTN in the first place!). I agree with the others, LGW would be a secondary choice to LHR for me. Typically (now that I live back north) I would choose LHR/LCY depending on which was closer, then LGW, then one of the others, the train from STN is a drag! Tells us where you are heading and we can advise you better. If you're after cheap though then this is more likely to dictate where you go to.
Theres a good underground service between Heathrow and the city centre although with the building of T5 the first part of the journey is subtituted by a bus