Another New Route for Jet2 Manchester - Rome

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Hi Just been looking round and notice that a New 5 Times weekly Manchester to Rome route has been added to the flight scheduleds. Looks like there are replaceing the British Airways service after All. MANCHESTER - ROME LS791 07:50 - 11:35 1-3-56- LS791 15:45 - 19:30 ------7 ROME - MANCHESTER LS792 12:20 - 14:15 1-3-56- LS792 20:15 - 22:10 ------7
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I thought someone would be replacing BA. Should work well for them
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Im sure that will work well for them, just when I thought LBA could have a new route not operated from MAN... ah well, Jet2 are really expanding quickly!

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Nice one Jet2! :D Although there fares are pretty bad on whole, they charge way too much!! I'll stick to Ryanair from LPL! ;) Flex 35

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Timings not too dissimilar to what BA have been operating at this summer (anyone noticed that loads seem to be a lot better this year - halving of frequency but pax numbers seem to be down only a third). David