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I would appreciate any sound advice about the do's and dont's of spotting / snapping at BAE Woodford.

I ask this mainly because i am aware that Woodford handles military stuff and i dont want to be hassled by security staff.

Any info on vantage points / freqs etc would be appreciated ( assuming the above questions meet with a positive response ) :)



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This might be better in the Modern Military Aviation Forum but some details anyway....

I don't know of any spotting areas at Woodford, but I do a fiar bit of spotting at Warton, Never had any problems there (always loads of people around), pilots seem to like the small crowds as they can show off a bit (things the commecrical guy's are not allowed to do!).

The only thing I've been told is athat the authorities don't like you listening in to the ATC and other radio traffic, as the pilots are relaying what is sometime sensitive performance data about the aircraft, usualy whilst testing.

Photography is OK, just don't try and hide (looks suspicious) and if asked to move on- don't argue!!!.


Has some information too.

Last time at BAE Warton, I was able to get pretty close... :D

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currently there is nothing flying at woodford as all nimrod testing has gone to warton. but you will see a rotting vulcan :(

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XM603 was 15 years ago among the best preseverd Vulcan's and now its just a disgrace, still XL426 and XM655 were brought back from at least as bad condtion to fast taxing status, so there is still hope.

Oh I like the Typhoon photo tmurphy.

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I do have a tip, i don't know if it's Manchester or Woodford but if you go to the top of Alderley Edge and go to the cliff face you get a great view of aircraft either on finals or landing, can't remember which!

P.S. You might want to take binoculars