Britannia Airways LTD officially gone

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Taken from the ABTN news: BRITANNIA AIRWAYS will disappear as a legal entity on Monday 31 October 2005. On that day the airline becomes Thomsonfly Ltd. In fact the new branding has now been around for some time and is very familiar. Britannia Airways began life in 1962 as Euravia flying holiday charters from Luton and Manchester using a Lockheed Constellation. After the takeover of Skyways the fleet widened to six Constellations and Avro Yorks. It changed its name to Britannia Airways in 1964 (flying the Bristol turboprop aircraft of the same name) and became part of the Thomson holiday group a year later. The airline’s first Boeing 737 arrived in 1968 and today it is still a dedicated Boeing operator with 20 757s and 13 767s.
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officially gone now then! Ive got to admit hearing Thomsonfly blastered through the terminal tannoys everyday has actually made the name grow on me, shame about the livery though!!! :D
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I love the livery. It certainly brightens up LBA...